Usafis Organization – What Forms Do Applicants Need?

All applicants are required to complete the Alien Registration Application Form DS-260 on the United States government website for the U.S. State Department.
The form will automatically go to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) where it will be processed.

See the full form on USAFIS website



USAFIS: About Green Cards

Some people believe that if they win the Green Card Lottery, they are guaranteed a Green Card. That is not true, as selection in the Lottery just means that you have moved on to the next step. USAFIS has helped thousands of people receive their Green Cards by helping them through the application process.

The Information Needed for the American Green Card Application

USAFIS knows that you have many questions about moving to America. When you fill out your Green Card Lottery information, you will need to list all personal information about yourself and your family members. You will also need to include photos (see questions of our customers about photo issue) of everyone on the application.

Want more information about Green Card Application? Go to USAFIS site